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CURE Pharmaceutical Issues Letter to Shareholders


<p><a href=""><strong>CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings</strong></a> Stock Symbol: (OTC: CURR), a holding company focused on the innovation of pharmaceutical technology, wellness products and drug delivery, announced today that it has issued a letter to its shareholders providing commentary on the Company’s recent announcements and upcoming plans.</p> <p>Highlights of the letter include:</p> <p>Ø  CURR’s efforts to further position itself as an integrated healthcare company with its recent acquisition of The Sera Labs, a high-margin, multi-channel marketing and branding company with accelerating sales of its more than 20 products in the health & wellness, beauty, and pets categories and strong traction in both e-commerce and wholesale-to-retail distribution with total retail doors exceeding 8,850 in the U.S. to date</p> <p>o    CURE acquired 100 percent of privately held The Sera Labs for $20 million, which consists primarily of stock with key earn out considerations totaling up to an additional $20 million within two years of completing the acquisition.Founder and CEO Nancy Duitch, who is well-known for her track record for launching some of the largest-selling products on the market, will help the Company generate revenue on its existing technologies in a wellness vertical, without the need for partners and further strengthen the already sales-generating SeraLabs® brand.</p> <p>Ø  The Sera Labs newest consumer product that uses CURE’s patented and advanced oral thin film strip technology under the trademark name Nutri-Strips with RAD3 (Rapid Activation Delivery) to deliver novel vitamins and supplements to consumers across the nation.</p> <p>o    Formulations include a sleep aid called <a href=""><strong>Sleep A.S.A.P.™</strong></a>, EnergY™ designed to enhance performance and mental focus, an electrolyte and muscle recovery product called RecoverB™, and immunD™ for immune support.</p> <p>Ø  CURR earning NSF International, cGMP certification for its 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility</p> <p>o    This certification enables manufacturers to become independently certified by NSF as complying with cGMP requirements as listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI Standard 173. This certification positions CURE’s manufacturing capabilities at the forefront of quality standards set by the various regulatory agencies.</p> <p>Ø  The Company’s recent pharmacokinetic (PK) study on its 25mg cannabidiol (CBD) oral thin film (OTF) showing improved bioavailability of cannabidiol in healthy subjects</p> <p>o    In 14 healthy adults, those who used the OTF experienced a significantly higher serum concentration (Cmax) and significantly faster absorption (Tmax) than those who consumed a commercially available CBD soft gel. The study also suggests that the CUREform™ delivery platform, which entails solubilization and encapsulation of the molecule, might deliver better results than solubilization alone, as used in the soft gel product, and may play a synergistic or additive role in bioavailability.</p> <p>CURR CEO Rob Davidson commented, "2020 has not been without its challenges for any industry; however, CURE is still well-positioned to become a fully-integrated health and wellness company, as propelled by the acquisition of SeraLabs. We continue to forge ahead in our pharmaceutical research using our proven drug delivery platforms and adapt to service the burgeoning nutraceutical market. We’ve focused on improving our manufacturing capabilities and proved yet again the superiority of our drug delivery technology. All in all, I am more confident than ever in CURE’s ability to capitalize on our vision of delivering the promise of healthier lives."</p> <p><strong>About SeraLabs</strong></p> <p>SeraLabs® is a trusted leader in the health, wellness, and beauty sectors of innovative products with cutting edge technology and superior ingredients such as CBD. SeraLabs® creates high quality products that use science-backed, proprietary formulations. Its more than 20 products are sold under the brand names SeraRelief™, SeraTopical™, SeraLabs™, Gordon’s Herbals™ and SeraPets™. SeraLabs® sells its products at affordable prices, making them easily accessible on a global scale. Strategically positioned in the growth market categories of beauty, health & wellness, and pet care, SeraLabs® products are sold in major national drug, grocery chains and mass retailers. The company also sells products under private label to major retailers and multi-level marketers, as well as direct-to-consumer (DTC), via online website orders, including opt-in subscriptions. For more information visit: <a href=""><strong></strong></a> and follow @theseralabs</p> <p><strong>About CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp.</strong></p> <p>CURE Pharmaceutical® is the pioneering developer of CUREform™, a patented drug delivery platform that offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release drug delivery vehicles designed to improve drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience for a wide range of active ingredients.</p> <p>As a vertically integrated company, CURE’s 25,000 square foot, FDA-registered, NSF® and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility enables it to partner with pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide for private and white-labeled production. CURE has partnerships in the U.S., China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and other markets in Europe.</p> <p>For more info on Stock Symbol: CURR visit: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>###</p>

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